In-game Advertising: Rewarded Video Ads

Reach the Most Passionate But Elusive Audiences in All of Media

Leverage PlayerWON® to connect with a growing, highly valuable and extremely hard-to-find audience inside their favorite games with in-game advertising and reward them for engaging with your sponsored video messaging.

Our Gaming Partners

We enable rewarded and sponsored in-game video ads for the heavyweights of the console and desktop gaming industry

Your Opportunity to Earn Gamers’ Attention

As the A18-34 audience continues leaving TV in droves (or never tunes in to begin with), PlayerWON provides in-game advertising experiences to connect with them, with seamless campaign activation, management and reporting provided.

  • 10 MM+ monthly active users projected
  • 96% video completion rate
  • 70% A18-34 audience
  • 7+ hours spent gaming per week

Full-Screen, CTV-Quality Game Advertising That Gamers Actually Care About

We bring engaging, fully immersive, sponsored in-game brand video ads to free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that complements - not competes with - gameplay.

Players are in full control of whether or not they view game ads in return for valuable in-game rewards. They can choose to exit the in-game ads at any time, though the vast majority actually watch to completion.

Optimized delivery of game ads gives players a way to utilize downtime in between matches, inside the game queue and in other spaces where they’re already engaged.

Sponsored in-game video ads feature entertaining, high-quality, fully immersive brand messaging about trusted products and services that matter to gamers.

If players choose to watch in-game video ads to completion, they earn valuable rewards to use in-game immediately and long-term.

PlayerWON In-game Advertising in Action

Watch a demo to see how our rewards-based in-game advertising platform works.

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In-Game Video Ads Drive Brand Metrics

The results are in and gamers overwhelmingly welcome the opportunity to watch in-game ads in exchange for rewards! Here's a look at their positive sentiment and subsequent actions.

85 %Of players had more positive views of a brand after viewing its in-game ad
89 %Of gamers interacted with the brand after seeing its ad
92 %Increase in brand rating and purchase consideration

Ready to Reach Gamers?

If you’re an advertiser or marketer interested in younger audiences who can’t be reached anywhere else but video games, please tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch soon.