Take Control to Unlock Cool Rewards & Free Game Content

PlayerWON® enables you to earn valuable rewards in your favorite free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games in exchange for choosing to watch short brand-sponsored videos.

The PlayerWON Experience

Your time and attention is valuable. That’s why we want to make it really worth your while if you decide to watch high-quality sponsored videos in your games.

Fully Opt-in

You are in total control of whether or not you view sponsored videos in return for valuable in-game rewards. You can choose to exit the video at any time.

Respects Game Flow

We don’t compete with gameplay, we complement it by letting you decide to access special rewards during downtime between matches or in game queues.

Fun & Relevant

Sponsored videos feature entertaining, high-quality, fully immersive creative about trusted products and services that matter to you.

Instantly Rewarding

If you choose to watch sponsored videos to completion, you earn valuable rewards to use in-game immediately and long-term.

PlayerWON in Action

Watch a demo to see how our rewards-based platform works.

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What Gamers Are Saying About PlayerWON

Real feedback from players like you.

"I’d happily binge ads when I’m waiting for friends to get online... Or in between rounds in tourneys."
“This all sounds great to me! I think it’s nice that you can get some free stuff just by watching!”
“Honestly a pretty great idea and supports F2P if kept optional”