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Engage and Reward Console and PC Gamers

PlayerWON® revolutionizes engagement on console, PC, and cloud gaming services. Players earn in-game rewards or free cloud game access for watching brand-sponsored videos. Redefine brand connections with gamers in a positive, player-first approach.

Our Gaming Partners

We enable rewarded and sponsored videos for the heavyweights of the console and desktop gaming industry

2.5 MMMonthly active users
96 %Video completion rate
70 %Of audience is A18-34
33 %Of audience cannot be reached on linear or CTV

The Only Audience in Media That’s Paying 100% Attention

When gamers are in front of their big TV or PC screens with controllers in hand, they’re definitely not multitasking. That makes players ideal for brands to engage with, and PlayerWON is the only viable means to reach and reward them through video game ads.

Enhance and Enrich the Playing Experience

PlayerWON provides players with opportunities to unlock cool in-game rewards in return for choosing to view short, premium brand-sponsored videos during their downtime.

Gamers in Control

Players decide whether or not to watch sponsored videos, but if they view to completion, they earn immediate and long-term rewards to use in-game.

Entertainment Value

Sponsored videos feature high-quality, fully immersive creative about products and services that are relevant to gamers’ lives and interests.

No Interruption

Opportunities to watch sponsored video only appear during downtime, so the experience complements gameplay instead of competing with it or interrupting it.

The PlayerWON Rewarded Video Experience

How we bring entertaining, full-screen sponsored brand video to free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that complements - not competes with - gameplay.

Players are in full control of whether or not they view sponsored videos in return for valuable in-game rewards. They can choose to exit the video at any time.

Optimized delivery of sponsored video gives players a way to utilize downtime in between matches, inside the game queue and in other spaces where they’re already engaged.

Sponsored videos feature entertaining, high-quality, fully immersive brand messaging about trusted products and services that matter to gamers.

If players choose to watch sponsored videos to completion, they earn valuable rewards to use in-game immediately and long-term.

1/3 of PlayerWON's audience cannot be reached on ad-supported TV

1/3 of PlayerWON's audience cannot be reached on ad-supported TV

PlayerWON Rewarded Video in Action

Watch a demo to see how our rewards-based platform works.

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Cloud Gaming Pre-roll Ads Unlock Engagement

PlayerWON's pre-roll ads are reshaping cloud gaming. Free tier subscribers watch two minutes of ads to reduce or even eliminate wait times. As the premiere ad-supported cloud gaming service, NVIDIA provides a valuable, interruption-free experience that gamers appreciate, setting the stage for impactful brand connections.

Elite Cloud Gaming Sponsorship
Maximum Ad Engagement
Flexible Spots on all Screens
Direct & Programmatic Ad Access

Partner with NVIDIA's cloud service, home to passionate gamers and top-tier AAA titles. Your brand gains prestige alongside the best in PC and console gaming.

Engage gamers with smart ads that only run when in focus, play with audio by default, and boast a 95% completion rate.

Engage gamers with daily capped ads in 15, 30, or 60-second formats. Stream your campaign on PCs and through Connected TV apps.

Buy NVIDIA gaming ads with ease. Opt for direct insertion orders to ensure more of your budget goes to working media or programmatic deals via your DSP.

PlayerWON Cloud Game Ads in Action

Watch a demo to see the user experience for cloud gaming advertising.

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Whether you’re a publisher or developer looking to boost player engagement and increase revenue, or an advertiser interested in gamer audiences who can’t be reached anywhere else, tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch soon.