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A Game Changer for Brands: The New Opportunity to Reach PC and Console Games

Since the invention of the first computer-based video game 60 years ago, gaming has blossomed into one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. Gaming is now a $160 billion global industry with 3 billion video game players worldwide in 2020. Nearly two-thirds of American homes have a gamer who plays video games regularly. Gaming now spans across multiple platforms and is at the forefront of technology.

The mobile technology boom revolutionized the industry and opened the doors to a new generation of gamers, integrating it with popular culture and creating a profitable juggernaut that has surpassed even the movie industry. Yet, the brand sponsor-supported revenue models that have fortified TV and the internet for decades have not worked nearly as well in gaming.

Gamers have successfully (and justifiably!) rejected sponsored messaging that annoys them and interrupts their experience, but we think there’s an exciting opportunity in gaming for brands to present themselves in a way that will be embraced by gamers and developers alike, particularly in the exploding category of free-to-play PC and console games.

What This Playbook Will Cover:

  • Why It’s So Good to Be in the Gaming Business Today
  • Who Can Brands Reach Via Video Games?
  • Why Brands Must Follow the Gamer’s Rules
  • PlayerWON®: A Game Changer for In-Game Sponsorship