Announcing a Cloud Gaming Ad Revolution

Adam Keaney
Adam Keaney  |  GM, PlayerWON®
Published: Mar. 25, 2024

Welcome to the future of gaming. With the launch of the PlayerWONⓇ - NVIDIA GeForce NOW (GFN) partnership, a new era of gaming accessibility has dawned. This groundbreaking collaboration introduces a seamlessly integrated, ad-supported avenue to make free-to-play cloud-based gaming more accessible to gamers worldwide. Cloud game advertising is a game-changer that democratizes gaming and ensures a winning scenario for all parties involved.

For passionate gamers, the process couldn't be simpler. By watching a few advertisements, they unlock the full potential of the cloud, gaining free access to top-notch games directly on their connected device. Meanwhile, brands seize the opportunity to reach the predominantly young gaming audience, avid consumers of cloud gaming’s mid-core and hardcore games, which are challenging to reach through traditional channels.

But what exactly does the NVIDIA - PlayerWON cloud gaming partnership entail? In essence, it's a gateway to NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW (GFN), which is available as a free, ad-supported service. Once signed in, players are ushered into a waiting room where they are treated to two minutes of ads while waiting for their gaming rigs to be set up. After the ads play, they can experience reduced wait times compared to the previous ad-less experience.

Unlocking the Power of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has reshaped the gaming landscape, offering unparalleled access to top-tier titles without the need for costly hardware. Through the PlayerWON / NVIDIA GeForce NOW partnership, gamers can immerse themselves in cutting-edge gaming experiences. But what exactly is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming redefines the gaming experience by offloading the computational power required for gaming from local devices to robust servers housed in secure data centers. These servers function as industrial-strength PCs, processing gameplay and streaming it over the internet to virtually any device, regardless of hardware specifications. Leveraging powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) in remote data centers, cloud gaming ensures seamless gameplay across a wide range of devices, providing gamers with an immersive PC gaming experience.

NVIDIA, a trailblazer in cloud gaming, launched GeForce NOW (GFN), a cloud-based game streaming service in 2020. This innovative platform seamlessly connects to popular PC games available in major game stores like Steam, Microsoft, and Epic Games Stores, granting gamers access to their favorite titles from any supported device. NVIDIA offers membership tiers for GeForce NOW, catering to diverse user preferences. From the ad-supported Free tier, which provides basic access, to the Ultimate tier, which offers advanced features like ray-tracing graphics, gamers can choose the membership level that best suits their needs.

Cloud gaming is not synonymous with cheap internet games or mobile casual gaming. It's a rapidly growing industry predicted to skyrocket from a $5.8B market in 2023 to an $85B market by 2030. NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW leads the charge, capturing a significant share of the 31.7M cloud gamers worldwide.

Cloud gaming offers access to a vast library of top-tier titles, including renowned AAA games. These games boast massive player bases and cultural significance and feature optional microtransactions, enhancing accessibility for players of all preferences. AAA games, known for their scale and production values, rival blockbuster films, underlining the gaming industry's dominance in mainstream entertainment.

NVIDIA's GFN platform offers a broader selection than console-specific services, providing a diverse range of titles beyond traditional console games. GFN attracts a diverse audience of gamers. Additionally, cloud gaming caters to all preferences, offering a selection that includes both AAA and indie games.

By harnessing remote servers, cloud gaming seamlessly delivers high-quality gameplay to various devices, eliminating the need for expensive hardware. GFN even supports cloud saves for select games, enabling users to continue gaming sessions across different devices effortlessly. This accessibility, combined with immersive experiences offered by AAA games, reflects the gaming industry's evolution into a mainstream form of entertainment. Cloud gaming represents a paradigm shift in accessibility, reshaping how players engage with their favorite games.

Reaching New Heights: NVIDIA Cloud Gaming's Impact on Advertisers and Players

Cloud gaming, powered by NVIDIA's GeForce NOW platform in partnership with PlayerWON, the leading in-game advertising platform, is revolutionizing the gaming landscape for advertisers.

Attracting a predominantly male, Millennial, and Gen Z audience, cloud gaming provides advertisers with an opportunity to connect with a demographic that is often challenging to reach through traditional channels like TV. The immersive nature of cloud gaming experiences makes it an ideal environment for brands to engage with their target audience.

The NVIDIA-PlayerWON partnership offers advertisers a compelling value proposition. By seamlessly integrating advertising into the gaming experience, brands can directly access this highly coveted demographic. NVIDIA's cloud gaming pre-rolls provide a non-intrusive way for advertisers to engage users, enhancing the gaming experience while fostering positive brand associations.

This partnership signifies a new era in gaming advertising, where brands can authentically connect with their audience in an immersive environment. As cloud gaming continues to evolve, advertisers have an unprecedented opportunity to elevate their brand presence and engage with gamers in innovative ways.

A Deep Dive into PlayerWON's Cloud Gaming Inventory

Brands looking to leverage NVIDIA's cloud gaming inventory have multiple options for purchasing ad space. Direct insertion orders can be placed for PlayerWON's inventory, including NVIDIA's cloud gaming inventory.

Programmatic buying is accessible via private marketplace deals or programmatic guaranteed deals. Advertisers and agencies can use their own DSPs to buy programmatically with deal IDs. All reporting can be accessed through our TV+ reporting portal, which offers best-in-class transparency and metrics.

PlayerWON buying options

Creative durations of 15- and 30-second units are available, along with longer, non-standard units to accommodate certain verticals such as pharmaceuticals. Advertisers can place viewability tags, which will run seamlessly within the VAST

NVIDIA's cloud gaming inventory is available globally, with the majority of impressions coming from the US market. Players can stream games predominantly on PCs, with the potential for streaming on mobile devices. Additionally, GeForce NOW is accessible through various Connected TV app stores, such as Samsung TV, enabling gaming on TV screens with a Bluetooth controller.

A range of targeting options is available, including standard programmatic CTV targeting methods. Users typically select a game before entering the waiting room, allowing for exclusion-based targeting based on video game genre or title for brand safety purposes. Genres available for exclusion include Action, Adventure, Arcade, Battle Royale, Casual, Family, Fighting, free-to-play, Indie, MMO, MMO RPG, MOBA, Platformer, Puzzle, Racing, Role-Playing, Shooter, Simulation, Sports, and Strategy.

Seizing the Future of Gaming Advertising

The PlayerWON NVIDIA GeForce NOW partnership represents the future of gaming advertising. By combining cutting-edge technology with innovative advertising solutions, this collaboration paves the way for brands to connect with gamers in meaningful and impactful ways. As cloud gaming continues to gain momentum, advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience and drive real results.

NVIDIA-PlayerWON is the first to market with Cloud Gaming advertising. While other players may be considering similar ventures, this partnership stands out as a pioneer in the field. As cloud gaming grows in popularity, the potential for advertising within this space becomes increasingly evident. With its focus on cloud gaming ads and rewarded videos, PlayerWON offers a unique opportunity for brands to engage with gamers in a way that captures full attention and drives meaningful interactions.

Moreover, while other gaming advertising companies typically concentrate on placing static billboards, known as "intrinsic ads," within games, PlayerWON offers a distinct approach with genuine in-game video ads. Unlike intrinsic ads, which frequently go unnoticed as gamers focus on gameplay rather than adjacent banners, PlayerWON ensures higher engagement rates and more effective brand interactions by providing full-attention video ads within the cloud gaming environment.

In conclusion, the PlayerWON NVIDIA GeForce NOW partnership is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry. By harnessing the power of cloud gaming and innovative advertising solutions, this collaboration sets a new standard for gaming experiences and opens up exciting possibilities for players and advertisers alike.

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