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Level Up Your Gen Z Reach with NVIDIA and PlayerWON®

Capture the elusive Gen Z and millennial males with PlayerWON & NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Our cloud gaming ads offer a non-intrusive way to scale reach and create positive brand associations. Engage effectively, drive loyalty, and power up your brand with us.

Maximize Campaign Impact in Gaming's Growth Frontier

Catapult your brand into the spotlight with PlayerWON. PlayerWON, in partnership with NVIDIA GeForce NOW, paves the path to advertising success in the burgeoning cloud gaming industry.

  • Surging Market Presence: Seize the opportunity with NVIDIA's rapidly expanding user base and dominant position in the cloud gaming market!
  • Vast Audience Access: Tap into a network of tens of million of users, boasting a massive number of monthly active gamers.
  • Gen Z Attraction: Directly engage with the challenging-to-reach Gen Z/Millennial male demographic.
  • Superior Ad Experience: Gain from ads that resonate and add value for gamers.

Elevate your brand alongside NVIDIA's rapid growth and capture the future of advertising.

32 MUS adults have cloud gamed in the past month
12 MUS adults cloud game for 5+ hours a week
33 %Of audience cannot be reached on linear or CTV

Engage the Unreachable Cloud Gamer

Millions of adults game for hours each week, skipping TV. Engage this hard-to-reach audience by targeting them where they spend their time.

Pre-roll Ads Unlock Gamer Engagement

PlayerWON's pre-roll ads are reshaping cloud gaming. Free tier subscribers watch two minutes of ads to reduce or even eliminate wait times. As the premiere ad-supported cloud gaming service, NVIDIA provides a valuable, interruption-free experience that gamers appreciate, setting the stage for impactful brand connections.

Elite Cloud Gaming Sponsorship
Maximum Ad Engagement
Flexible Spots on all Screens
Direct & Programmatic Ad Access

Partner with NVIDIA's cloud service, home to passionate gamers and top-tier AAA titles. Your brand gains prestige alongside the best in PC and console gaming.

Engage gamers with smart ads that only run when in focus, play with audio by default, and boast a 95% completion rate.

Engage gamers with daily capped ads in 15, 30, or 60-second formats. Stream your campaign on PCs and through Connected TV apps.

Buy NVIDIA gaming ads with ease. Opt for direct insertion orders to ensure more of your budget goes to working media or programmatic deals via your DSP.

32 MUS adults have used Cloud Gaming in the past 30 days
12 MUS adults use cloud gaming for 5+ hours per week
Who are Cloud Gamers

PlayerWON Cloud Game Ads in Action

Watch a demo to see the user experience for cloud gaming advertising.

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Ready to Reach Gamers?

If you’re an advertiser or marketer interested in younger audiences who can’t be reached anywhere else but video games, please tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch soon.